TDW is a design led company that makes furniture and architectural shading systems for building facades. They are based in Ahmedabad, India.

The people at TDW, are passionate about designing and making. Their products are designed, produced delivered and installed by them. This close connect between the designer, maker and user is what enables them to deliver high quality products and high customer satisfaction.

TDW uses locally sourced materials and skills and non-polluting methods of production.

They continue to work with solid wood when most furniture manufacturers have turned to wood substitutes. Their furniture is built to last for generations. TDW believes that building in wood that is ethically sourced from managed forests, and building to last is more sustainable in the long run than using wood substitutes, that use pollutants in their manufacture, to produce designs with built-in obsolescence.

Designs at TDW never go out of production. They only get better. TDW continues to improve a product each time it is produced. Customers can come back to the company for replaceable parts even years after they first purchase a product.

All furniture and shading systems at TDW are produced to order, but a limited range of products are always available for purchase off the shelf.

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ONE42, Off Ambli Rd, Ashok Vatika,
Ahmedabad. 380058. Gujarat.
Phone: +91 84600 69992



15-B & 16, Sanand Land Corp.,
Opp. Gokuldham, Ularia Patia
Sarkhej-Sanand Road
Ahmedabad - 382 210. Gujarat.
Phone: +91 88660 45700


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